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About Mobbing and Bullying

Mobbing Hurts Everyone  

Combat Workplace Mobbing with Dignity and Respect

Mobbingand Bullying in the workplace create a hostile, toxic work environment that can
cost an organization in stress-related workman’s compensation claims. Couple
that risk with the depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
symptoms often occurring in targets of mobbing and you are risking a “risk
management double whammy” if your organization is not taking action to
recognize, stop, and prevent this type of emotional abuse.

If your organization is experiencing high turnover, low morale, decreased
productivity, and high absenteeism, mobbing may already be at work without your
knowledge. Seriously damaging people, destroying teamwork and trust, negatively
impacting organizational effectiveness, contributing to possible violence,
Mobbing can be leaving your organization open to costly compensation claims.
This subtle and status-blind form of harassment puts everyone at risk.
Awareness is the key to prevention.

Are You Being Mobbed?

If you are the target of a mobbing process, you have been thrown from what you
believed was an orderly world into a state of chaos in which many of your
points of reference are no longer valid.

This confusion is going to prompt you to question all points of reference,
including the ones deep inside of you. Your sense of personal dignity can be
compromised unless you take steps to protect and preserve that which you value

If you have identified your worth and value with your accomplishments, your
work, your status, your lifestyle, or any other external measure you are
vulnerable to that being compromised by elements out of your control.
Though many people have been hurt and destroyed by mobbing, you do not have to
allow it to destroy you.

School Mobbing and Emotional Abuse:  See It – Stop It – Prevent It with Dignity and Respect

Bullying and Violence are outcomes. Mobbing is the process that gets you there.

The response to potential violence is often more reactive than proactive.
Instead of creating awareness and promoting dignity and respect for all people,
security systems and surveillance cameras are installed. Stiffer gun control
laws are suggested. The plain truth is that many people are walking around with
a deep anger inside of them and don’t know why. I believe that one of the
reasons is because so many have been treated like objects rather than as unique
human beings for too long.

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