Name Your Price

©2017 Gail Pursell Elliott We’ve examined the relative costs of bullying and mobbing in the workplace in terms of the cost to the individual, the costs to the organization in turnover, morale, workers compensation, reputation, and other areas. Yet environments continue to allow it to exist and persist. Perhaps the inconvenience of addressing the issue […]

Fake News, Fallacies, and Mobbing

©2017 Gail Pursell Elliott Ever have a series of confirming coincidences?  After writing last issue’s article about The Rumor Mill, a subsequent article inspired by the flurry of concerns about fake news in the media seemed like a good idea.  These mirror such goings on in a work environment on a smaller scale but are […]

The Rumor Mill

from the Workplace Violence Prevention E-Report – ©2016 Gail Pursell Elliott Does your organization have a rumor mill?  If you think not, then you are either in the minority or out of the loop. People love gossip.  “What’s the latest dirt?” There are websites, periodicals, and programs devoted to rumor and hearsay. Even some news […]

A Can of Worms

©2016 Gail Pursell Elliott When Mobbing and Bullying are already part of the organizational culture, an unsuspecting staff member can open a can of worms by questioning actions that seem unfair or unethical.  To open a can of worms is an idiom meaning to examine or attempt to solve some problem, only to inadvertently complicate it and […]

Fear Mongering

©2016 Gail Pursell Elliott (Gail writes The Bully at Work Column for the Workplace Violence Prevention E-Report) Each Spring I watch some classic mobbing on the front lawn as birds drive predators away from nesting areas.  They will attack other birds as well, ganging up on one bird even one of their own.  In the […]

Psychoterror in the Workplace

©2016 Gail Pursell Elliott Dr. Heinz Leymann first used the title of this article to describe Mobbing in the workplace. Dr. Leymann’s list of 45 behaviors that may surface during a mobbing is known as “LIPT,” the “Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terrorization,” and is regularly used in research.  With the escalating concerns about terrorist or […]

Toxic Work Environment

 Toxic Work Environment      ©2015 Gail Pursell Elliott Toxic workplaces can be physically toxic or emotionally toxic.  Some are obvious and others more subtle. Most of us are familiar with physically toxic environments where asbestos or noxious odors are present.  OSHA regulations address this type of workplace safety.  An emotionally toxic workplace can have […]