The Second Degree

©2019 Gail Pursell Elliott Second Degree Mobbing is like a second degree burn which creates a blister, is painful, and takes some time for recovery. When working on cases with this level of mobbing targets describe similar symptoms to those impacted by Third Degree mobbing, but they are not permanently disabled or unable to return […]

Power and Control

©2018 Gail Pursell Elliott Bullies and Mobbers are invested in power and control. This is important to watch for when disciplining someone who has been proven to have perpetrated this behavior or instigated others to do likewise. Maintaining that power and control is of utmost importance and in the extreme, may manifest in both overt […]

Lost in Translation

©2018 Gail Pursell Elliott In the metaphorical book Walk the Talk, the CEO of a company was practicing a speech and a custodian was quietly listening in the back. After, the custodian said that he completely agreed with the CEO’s philosophy for the organization. Then asked if he would like to see what was really […]

Belief, Validation, Recourse

©2018 Gail Pursell Elliott One of the key needs for a target of bullying/mobbing is to be believed. That is not to say that we must not take a hard look at an accusation or report for clarity, patterns of behavior, or in worse cases a perpetrator posing as a target, which I have seen.  […]

The Third Degree

©2018 Gail Pursell Elliott   The impact of Mobbing on the individual is correlated to burns, as in first, second, and third degree.  Third degree mobbing includes the most damaging results of all, where the target is unable or unlikely to be rehabilitated due to the severity of the abuse. This may include the extremes […]

Name Your Price

©2017 Gail Pursell Elliott We’ve examined the relative costs of bullying and mobbing in the workplace in terms of the cost to the individual, the costs to the organization in turnover, morale, workers compensation, reputation, and other areas. Yet environments continue to allow it to exist and persist. Perhaps the inconvenience of addressing the issue […]

Fake News, Fallacies, and Mobbing

©2017 Gail Pursell Elliott Ever have a series of confirming coincidences?  After writing last issue’s article about The Rumor Mill, a subsequent article inspired by the flurry of concerns about fake news in the media seemed like a good idea.  These mirror such goings on in a work environment on a smaller scale but are […]