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When Connecting Perspectives Dissolve

When Connecting Perspectives Dissolve
©2010 Gail Pursell Elliott

According to legend, Marie Antoinette asked why the people were so angry and was told it was because they had no bread. Her reply supposedly was, “then let them eat cake.” Actually, there is no historical evidence that Marie ever said that. The people in France at the time of the revolution were pretty angry at their circumstances and more than willing to believe something like this just as disgruntled employees, coworkers, or citizens may be more than willing to believe rumors and hearsay in today’s world.

When someone is targeted by mobbing behavior in a workplace or elsewhere, it often is the result of impersonal issues or factors that become personal vendettas and can have very personal consequences. As in the case of Marie Antoinette, it was not who she was but what she represented that eventually caused her demise. The importance of this “let them eat cake” phrase today is its reference to a time when the distance between the haves and the have-nots became so great that connecting perspectives were lost.

As Winston Churchill observed, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” What we are willing to believe without verification and what we check for authenticity says much about our own perspective and our willingness to readily accept anything that will reinforce or confirm that perspective. Perspective is more important than reality because perspective is what defines reality for each of us. Taking incomplete information, even when obtained first hand, and making absolute statements based on that information can become the basis for many disagreements.

Verifying what we are willing to believe can help us avoid getting sucked into a mobbing process. Being true to ourselves does not mean that we cannot be open to the perspectives of others. Whether or not we agree, we learn by attempting to see what they see, hear what they hear, and know what they know. It is an exercise in expanding our own awareness and enriching our world view.

Anticipate a great day. It’s Yours!

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“We have come to a point in history where treating each other as unique human beings, worthy and entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, is no longer optional. ” – Gail Pursell Elliott


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