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Mobbing and Bullycide

©2011 Gail Pursell Elliott

Once again national outrage has been expressed over students being bullied to the point of suicide by their peers.

I’m tired of kids killing themselves because they were bullied to the point that they felt there was no hope, no help, no way out and no end to it.
I’m tired of hearing about kids or adults who not only bully but tell others to kill themselves that no one will miss them and the world will be better without them.
I’m tired of seeing programs of outrage after the fact showcasing tears and regrets and helplessness.
I’m tired of people pointing at schools, teachers and systems that don’t see, don’t stop, don’t prevent, and don’t respond.
I’m tired of people who don’t take a personal stand but prefer to tell others how to live.

Students and others are victimized by Mobbing. The first time the term Mobbing was used in relation to human behavior was in 1972, when a report investigating the rise of suicides among school age children was published in Sweden. The research uncovered an extreme form of group bullying that resulted in such feelings of isolation, depression and hopelessness that these children were committing suicide in greater numbers. The title of the report was Mobbing: Group Violence Among School Children.

Mobbing begins subtly with rumors, gossip, shunning, and then moves to more overt types of bullying behavior such as public humiliation and intimidation and even physical abuse. This is preventable. Anti-bullying laws and policies are helpful and provide legal recourse but the real issue is what students and adults are willing to tolerate, join or justify. There is no justification for treating a human being as an object, whether it is an object of hate, jealousy, fear, resentment or ridicule. We are all precious individuals, human beings worthy and entitled to be treated with Dignity and Respect without exception.

To learn more about Mobbing, Bullying and Harassment in schools and the Dignity and Respect approach to this issue, sign up for my October 20th, School Mobbing teleconference.

2 – 3 PM Central Time, 3 – 4 PM Eastern
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Gail Pursell Elliott, The Dignity and Respect Lady
Mobbing, Bullying and Harassment Expert
Professional Development Consultant
Innovations “Training With a Can-Do Attitude”

“To be nobody but yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight – and never stop fighting.” – e.e. cummings


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